Before beginning this article, we would like to mention that the intention here is not to hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiments. If you feel you would get offended by an article of this nature, STOP reading it right away to save yourself from being offended.

So here goes…

In the early days the system of offering a “baali” (sacrifice) was very popular and do you know what was offered as the baali, *drumroll*… a freshly cut head of a child. Reason being, children are pure at heart and thus they were a sign of purity.

Slowly, as people started getting educated and societies started coming together, people got realised that it is taboo to kill a human child as part of any religious ritual. But, people needed a a replacement hence they started offering then next best thing, baby animals.

For plenty of years, babies of animals were slaughtered in temples and offered to the Gods only to please them. This slaughter went on till governments were formed and animal rights activists started protesting, the slaughter of animals for religion was thankfully stopped.

People needed a replacement, something that they could sacrifice and would represent innocence, blood and a head.

That’s when the idea of breaking a coconut came about. Coconuts have a hard outer shell (like the skull),soft inside (like the brain) and the water oozing out as you break it (like blood).

That’s how coconuts became popular in the temples. A symbol of purity to replace the head of a child.