Ever wondered when did people start wearing jewellery, how did this trend start and why does it make people so happy?

Jewellery is not only status symbol, it is not only a piece of fashion, it actually serves a higher purpose.

The place conventional jewellery is worn is according to acupressure a pressure point for better well being. Be it nose rings, bangles, waistbands, anklets, earrings or even a borla. They all serve a purpose.

For example:


Regulates blood circulation in the head and prevents headaches.

Ear piercing

Is directly linked to the kidney and thus activates and improves the function of the kidney.

Nose ring

Regulates the breath and also eliminates the toxins coming out while exhaling. It is also believed that females whose nose is pierced experience less pain while delivering a child.

Puts a mild pressure surrounding the neck which helps reviving blood circulation.

Improves blood circulation and gives the needed friction to the pulse points in our hands.
Rings kindles specific brain neurons.

Thumb connects to the sexual organs. Index finger connects to the learning capacitor neurons. Middle finger nerve passes through the divider line of the brain so a person is in a confused state if worn a ring. The nerve of the Ring finger passes evenly across the entire brain neuron cell. It improves ones general capacity in handling life with ease
and confidence. The ring finger of the left hand directly connects the heart.

Waist band

Keeps a check on fat accumulation on hip or pot belly.


Has a pain relief effect and increases blood circulation and reduces muscle pain.

Toe ring

The second toe connects the uterus and revitalizes the reproductivity organ. It is also believed to regularize the menstrual cycle course.

So now flaunt all the jewels you have and stay fit and healthy.