Today is mother’s day and I did not wish my mother.

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Here’s why.

I really hate the fact that we need to keep aside a day in the year to celebrate our mother. For me, every day is Mother’s day. Why should I participate in a day created by corporates to drive sales to wish my mom and tell her that I love her. I tell her everyday, she does not become less important to me when ‘Mother’s day’ goes away.

If you bought your mother a gift just because it is Mother’s day, you have gone wrong somewhere and you have fallen prey to advertisements.

The same goes with father’s day, friendship’s day, valentine’s day, children’s day or any other day. You should not have a day to tell people that you love them. It should be everyday.

So, don’t wait for a day to tell someone you love them or if you want to buy them something, just go out and do it. Your gestures will more appreciated when it is not driven by advertisements and corporates.

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