This is  a sensitive story and therefore the team here at Being Flippant choose not to be flippant this time round. For this article, we shall leave out sarcastic undertones aside, a tough thing for us, but we have a choice.

It is said that everyone is given a choice for every step in our life, the choices may not be easy, but there is always a choice that is given. Even the slaves of the yesteryears had a choice – Slavery vs. Death. Just take a look back at any major decision you have ever made in your life, you had a choice, however difficult, but the choice was always there.

But, what if the power of choice is completely taken away from you, and you have to suffer the consequences of the decisions that others make for you.

Here is the story of Aruna Shaunbaug.

A story that can bring tears to your eyes.

Aruna, orignally from Karnataka, was a nurse at Mumbai’s KEM hospital. In the year 1973, a ward caught her change in the basement, there he brutally raped, choked and beaten up to an inch of her life. The brutal attack on her left her paralysed, blind and in coma.

The ward boy Sohanlal Bartha Valmiki was caught, charged for attempt to murder and stealing her earrings! He was free after serving a mere 7 year sentence.

Aruna went into a 42 year long coma, and lived her life like a vegetable. Around 15 years ago, a family member, her niece, tried to visit her but was not allowed to.

In 1998, there was a book written on her story, in 2002, there was a marathi play.

In 2010, there was a plead to the supreme court to ask for her freedom by the way of euthanasia, which was declined, this was when her story came into public light. Now in May 2015, Aruna passed away, finally ending her 42 year long misery and suffering which was not her choice.

All this happened because one idiot could not keep it in his pants.

The story brings us to the question, have times changed in 42 years, are women safer. Have we progressed as a nation that is safe.

In 2012 there was the Nirbhaya rape case, which left a scar on India. Every now and then we here in the news about a rape, even 3 year old girls getting rapped!!

The horrific incidents keep increasing to the extent that now we need a strict law where the punishment for rape is castration and death. We say the gulf countries are unjust to their women, but those guys still deal with rape in way more stern way as compared to India.

One more point – Seriously people don’t teach women to not be out late. Teach the men behave themselves.