The Mumbai Rains – Part 1

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Mumbai is best visited during the monsoons. The city looks even more majestic, beautiful and clean. There are a lot of fun things to do in and around Mumbai during the monsoon. There is a certain romance in the air that makes everything seem christmas-y six months ahead of the actual date.

The Mumbai rains are also quite notorious, the floods of 2005 though a decade ago have not faded from our drains (so to say).

We will give you a list of the fun thing to do during this weather (In Part 2) but it is important that you read this list first, it’s for your own good.

10 things one should remember during Mumbai’s Monsoon:

1) Always check the weather forecast (even though they have a history of being inaccurate). If heavy rains are predicted during high tides avoid being a super hero. Here is next week’s forecast for you:Screenshot_2015-06-14-20-15-15 2) Wear rain friendly shoes and clothes. 3) Stock up on the food. Just in case you might not be able to go out and buy more supplies. 4) Always look out for open gutters. If there is water clogging, walk along the divider as gutters are on the sides. If possible make a human chain and walk. You don’t want to be the next Prince, especially not in this weather. 5) Help the people who are stuck in floods at low lying areas.

6) If you have got wet in the rain, immediately take shower once you are home. If possible carry a towel and dry yourself completely even before you get home.

7) Check if water has accumulated in or around the house, especially near plants and duct areas.  Clean it immediately! They become mosquito breeding places. Keep mosquito repellents handy.

8) Always keep the city clean to avoid chocking of gutters. DO NOT LITTER!!!

9) Donate raincoats , umbrellas, plastic sheets or even buckets (the poor can collect the water and use them).

10) Last but not the least, Drive Carefully. Roads are wet, cars might skid. Look out for the pedestrians, don’t drive so fast that they get splashed.

Rains have arrived, have a ball of a time 😉

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