Mumbai’s Meaty Affair

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Everyone in Mumbai seems to be going crazy over the meat ban and making it a political/caste/religion issue. We do agree that the ban is unjust for those whose daily driver is the slaughter and sale of meat and it does curtail our right to freely choose our cuisine. But before you starting playing the hate game here are some things you need to know:-

This is not something started this year by the BJP government. The ban is seasonal in honour of the 8-Day Jain festival, it has been in place since 1964! Yes, now you can feel stupid about that tweet you sent out in protest of a 51 year old ban thinking it was new.

So why the outrage?

After the beef ban and the little porn stint, bans have become pretty famous in India (like bandhs were at one point in time) there was a proposition (with the help of heavy lobbying (PR seems like an interesting avenue to explore)) to increase the ban from 4 days to 8 days. No decision was taken on it (the decision makers were either busy stocking up on meat or making sure that their names were not on the recent swiss bank discloser list).

The media needed some news, India needed some controversy so a half-baked story was released and bheed ekhata ho gayi (a crowd gathered).

You can read the last two paragraphs again to keep up with the train of thought. (There were too many comments in brackets.)

If you still are quite miffed with the ban, we really can’t help you. But, here is a list of some awesome vegetarian places and some awesome vegetarian food to have.

1) Pavbhaji and Masala Pav at Santosh Sagar.

2) Vada Pav outside Mitihibai College.

3) Rolls at Tibbs/mm! maroosh/Bade Miya.

4)Bhel, sevpuri & panipuri at sharma  chat bhandar.

5) Dosa and Idli at Sukh Sagar.

6) Grilled Sandwich at Right Place / Chutney sandwich at Anando girgaum chowpatty ( strictly after 6pm).

7) Usaal and Misal Pav at dadar’s Aaswad resturant (was awarded the worlds tastiest vegetarian dish at Foodie Hub Awards in London.)

8) Govinda Resturant

Can’t miss this place at iskcon (juhu & behind wilson college).

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