The Great Indian Economic Divide

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Yes, India is a country with a high economic gap between the rich and the poor. People feel very sorry for the poor and more often than not, it is justified(unfortunate souls). People envy the rich and quite a few times that is justified (bloody lucky brats).

However, have you ever stopped to consider the reason for this divide?

India is considered a land of opportunities with quite a stable government which is always promising #AccheDin and making pacts with many countries to bring in the moolah and creating jobs and opportunities in our country. So then why is this gap not being bridged? Why is it that the poor are getting nowhere?

The answer is simple, they are lazy and have accepted life the way it is, the government schemes and many NGOs are keeping them afloat and they are happy with just that, they do not really want to work to make money. This may sound harsh ,it may seem as though I am inconsiderate. I am not trying to undermine the efforts by the government or the NGOs, they do exceptional work (at times) but it is the people who are being helped that need to change their mentality.

Take begging for an example, those blokes are not unemployed, they are full time professional beggars and make quite a decent living out of it, many times higher than starting salaries at an MNC. Now that they are just given money when the make a sad face and ask for it, why would they want to work.

Another example, taxis and auto-rickshaws, these idiots are crying all year round for a higher base fare and go on a strike at the drop on a hat, but when you ask them for a ride, they blatantly refuse – that’s why Uber and Ola became a success in India and the auto and taxi community went on strike.

That is just what it is, India has this great economic divide only because Indians are fu****g lazy! MOVE YOUR BUTT. Ambani did not become a success by sitting on his arse, he worked really hard for it. If you do work hard, there is nothing to stop you from leaping across the gap.

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    very truly said.

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