Governing Comedy

Stand up comedy is at its best when it is related to the stupid happenings of everyday life. Just like any business communication, comedy too needs insights and really deep ones to be able to crack someone up. There is a lot of intelligence and knowledge that goes behind that ‘Just a Joke’ from a professional comic.

Luckily for us in India, there is an unlimited supply of stupidity that comes in directly from the government. Other news aside, one can make his entire comedy career on just pointing out the obvious nonsense that transpires in the parliament. Sure this is not timeless comedy and has the shelf life of a rotting banana but in today’s day and age, that is what is needed, by the time one has rotted, the other one is ready and the cycle continues thanks to an unlimited supply of stupidity.

EIC’s outrage series, ‘Aisi Taisi Democracy’, a musical stand up show, Deshbags by SnG comedy and now AIB’s has a new show launching today on hotstar all are on the same philosophy. Bringing the reality to us in a comic way.

Here are some of my favorite videos from this genre:

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