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It is no news that we live in a digital age where if our gadgets aren’t synced, we ain’t fancy enough. Every one is a technocrat and our status in society has gone from how much cattle to how many gadgets and accessories, but boy this is so much more convenient than raising cattle :p

With advancements in tech and easy accessibility to smartphones (thank you android) we quite literally have the world in our pockets and it has changed the world around us too (I can bet Motorola had no idea of what box they opened when the made the first mobile phone way back in 1973).

IMG_20151122_225839Our phones have replaced cameras, radios, iPods, gaming systems, calculators, calenders, retail shops, computers in some cases (with octacore chipsets, phones do have more processing power than many laptops) and a whole lot more. With the help of accessories, the smartphone experience has just expanded… just to name a few things I have for my phone: Portable printer, monopod, tripod, gaming controller, portable speaker, camera lens, remote camera shutter, power bank, fitness tracker, virtual reality headset. Not showing off but this is a very ordinary list.

Yes, mobile phones have made us all #TEchnocrats, it has changed the way we do everything (even the way we find dates) and what it has to offer in the future is exciting and for the better, tell me what do you think about it.

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