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Mission 1000

Contrary to the mass rural belief (and seeing what is happening in Bihar), education is very important. If you don’t think so, you probably never went to school and are in dire need of some education.

Children are the future of the nation (duh!). We invest for security in the future, so it should only make sense that we invest in children, their education, their health and well being right.

Well, shockingly, according to various reports and surveys, government schools have an unwelcoming, un-conducive environment and lack basic infrastructure, access to water and toilets. This creates a high drop-out rate and a big problem of absenteeism (they stay at home rather than going to school and falling sick). A lot of girls drop out simply because there isn’t a separate toilet for them.

This is indeed a serious problem, many of us in the urban areas are sheltered from these harsh realities and are at an arms distance away even when we hear about rural troubles, we just ignore their existence till one day real India hits us.

In an attempt to tackle the school problem, in 2011, Coca-Cola and NDTV collaborated with UN-Habitat, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and various other NGOs and initiated the SUPPORT MY SCHOOL campaign. In this, they undertake the following core activities:

The impact of this has been amazing.

Now, they are launching Mission 1000 for support my school, where they aim to revitalise 1000 schools.

Now more about Support my school:

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