What do you look for in a MBA?

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On being flippant, we have stressed on the fact that education is very important. We have stated it many times, saying that it help future generations get smarter, opens their minds and above all, gets them flippant. Flippancy requires being well educated. So, setting the context of what is coming up, without using any writing cli-chè, previously we have written about early education and school education, now time for post grad.

Unfortunately in India, the post-graduation degree is primarily seen as a social status and it helps people get married ‘better’. Needless to say that this not the correct thinking that should go in for a higher education. Your higher education is supposed to be like a stepping stone to success, opening up your mind to solving problems in a different way.

Speaking from the point of view of someone looking to do post-graduation in the near future. What is it that we look for while finding a college (for actual studies, not to play hot or not):

  1. The ranking (The social status I will get)
  2. The curriculum (What will I learn)
  3. The exposure (What will I really learn)
  4. The placement (How much money will I be able to make immediately after this)

Of the many colleges that could check all the boxes, one that really caught my eye was SP Jain. Ranked at no.10 by forbes for global MBA, they have a fancy tri-city 12 month course, which is basically that you study in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney for 4 months each and at the end you are given an Australian degree. Sounds cool right. I am sure to check this some more and even consider it. You can too: http://www.spjain.org/gmba/program_architecture.aspx

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