While the world was celebrating valentines day, a disgusting event occurred. A six-year-old girl  was raped near a village under Ganjam district’s Gangapur police limits. In the wake of this incident, parents of the students  of Utpal Sanghvi, Juhu are writing to the Prime Minister to bring this major issue to the notice of the government and the republic of India.

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To ,
The Prime Minister of India.
Honoured Sir,

We, the mothers and fathers of India request you to consider our suggestion on the matter of rape and rapists of our children (including juvenile rapists) in India.

When a child gets raped or molested, not only is she/he scarred for life – but her entire families life is shattered. We have seen that many criminals are Juvenile and the measure and scope of punishment is not suitable or commensurate for the crime. We are requesting two things from you dear Sir.

1. Painless Chemical Castration
We cannot get our child’s innocence back but the least we can promise them is that “that criminal” can no longer harm her or any other child ever. We wouldn’t continue a licensed Gun owner to retain his weapon once we knew he was of not sound mind or if he was a criminal. And yet we do not yet dis-allow this of a convicted sex criminal.

2. Public Messaging so that children, parents and society is empowered
The Government needs to draw up a effective and large plan that involves relevant NGO’s and Parent Groups in creating an India wide “Public Message” on Good Touch Vs Bad Touch and remove the shame that is sub consciously associated with “being the victim”. The Public message needs to empower the children and parents to come out and report such instances and crimes to the relevant authorities and also in a loud and emphatic manner spread the “Castration” Message across the length and breath of India.

We are not suggesting for a minute that we turn into a barbaric state and are not asking an eye for an eye. But removing or disabling the ‘criminal’, empowering the children and parents and lastly creating & communicating loud message of public shaming with castration seem like ideas that will reduce repeat offence while hugely reducing further acts of crime. However we are open to other suggestions and ideas from your team. Our aim is to provide the Children of India a safe, healthy, happy & innocent environment to grow up in. That is the only purpose of this Request and enclosed Petition.


Mothers and Fathers of India.