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Before beginning, it is obligatory to have seen the following ad, else this won’t even make sense to you.

Alright, congratulation, you survived!!!

Well this is a simply irritating ad. It makes no sense at all! The voice over at the end has no correlation with the rest of the ad. Everything seems random. Many people were even confused till the Ask Me logo came up as to what is it that they are trying to promote. it can be easily be mistaken for an ad for the entertainment category something by Tata Sky or Hotstar.

Even more, why on earth would they waste a talent like Kangana Ranaut to spoil a brilliant song. Only to be hated overall. Maybe they don’t care about the talent, the cost for making this nonsense should have justified right. More importantly who the hell approved it!

This ad is so bad, so so bad, that it is actually brilliant. It is irritating only to the correct level that has people annoyed enough to talk about it, sharing it, saying that it is such a bad ad. Also, there is no way to reference it apart from saying ‘That Ask Me Baazar – Kangana Ranaut ad’ because the ad is not saying anything else.

Such an interesting strategy – while everyone is trying to make a “brilliant ad” playing with emotions, make a horrible and play on a different kind of emotion – the FLIPPANT one.

If this is the worst ad or a great move, only time (and metrics) will tell us.

What do you think, tell us in the comments below.

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