The Twitter Experiment

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Posts By Being Flippant

How do you get a large number of twitter followers when you are not a celebrity or a cute girl and off course without paid advertisement.

While many people seem to have cracked the code, a lot of it stays under debate. Some people say it is all about of content, some say it is when you talk about what is trending, some say it is targeting niches and some say it is all about a large number of tweets.

I have seen many accounts that just tweet about any and everything and they have a lot of followers. A large twitter base has the ability to be heavily monetized (it’s all about the base, like the song :p). That’s why it important to know how to get an income generating fan following.

As an experiment, I will go on to relentlessly tweet as much as I can in one week to try and get close to a 1000 tweets and see whether there is a direct correlation in the amount you tweet and the followers you have.

I have been on twitter since 2011 (@rishi_taparia), my count stands at 923 tweets with 205 followers.

What do you think, will there be a significant increase in the followers or this exercise is going to be just give me aching fingers (you know, with all the typing).

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