Half Time: The Twitter Experiment

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On Monday Being Flippant started a twitter experiment through the account: @rishi_taparia.

We wanted to see whether there was a direct link between quantity of tweets and the number of followers.

We started this on Monday, and now after 3.5 days here are the numbers:

Tweets: 75

Impressions: 3.6k

Engagement rate: 1.5%

Profile Visits: 49

New followers: 7

Un followers: 3

Well, given by the data, the experiment seems to have failed. tweeting more does not get a whole lot of new followers. But, the time period we have tested is indeed very small, and the number of tweets was nearly not enough.

We will be posting a whole lot more, trying to do 100 tweets a day for the remaining 3.5 day. (content is a big pain in the a**)

Stay Tuned!

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