Results: The Twitter Experiment

I could give you the verdict instead of this line, but then you would not click on the ‘continue reading’ link, and I really need you to that.

So what gets you Twitter followers.
Here are the numbers from the experiment.

Total tweets: 137
Total impressions: 17.9k
Profile visits: 479
Mentions: 62
Increase in followers:

13 😦

So what does this show us.

It might seem that the impressions and profile visits are so high because of the number of tweets. That is actually incorrect.

The amount you tweet does not have a major influence on follower base or impressions or mentions. In fact a high number of tweets with random content makes people un-follow you.

It is what is in the tweet that matters. Most of these numbers were achieved because of one tweet that got noticed a lot.

One insight for brands – you do not need a large follower base to reach many people, I reached 17.9k people, I have just 213 followers. Its being relevant and replying and being a part of the conversation that matters. Eventually, followers will come.


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