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When-ever a graduate is bored of their seemingly dead-end, not so well paying because-you-have-not-struggled-enough-in-your-life jobs, there are two routes they see in front of them: 1) A post-graduation, 2) a Start-Up.

The start-up wave is so large, that everyone wants to surf on it and the large waves get the business on the beach booming. I referring to the industry that has been created in support of the start-ups. There new investment avenues (venture capitalism), new coaching techniques (incubation cells) and new verticals in news (start-up news (duh!))

(Cue for the mention of the purpose of this post)

denture Capital!

India’s first weekly YouTube show on start-ups. A true brain tonic for the upstart!


With an aim to be the most loved web-series on start-ups, dC (denture Capital) to bring you news about start-ups, features some amaze start-up projects and does all that with some very high wit humour. The whole space is interesting as is brings news in a nice non-corporate manner very edgy just like our start-ups.

About the dC guy, the show is hosted by Manu Srikumar, you see him un-roll a joint in the intro of the video. His vision is to build a company that does distributed video content in the start-up domain. Also, is an extremely kind person and awesome fun to talk to, like a panda bear.

Here is the latest episode of dC for you to get hooked on to.


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