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The likes on your Facebook Page don’t matter

Well, truth be told, they do.

Why the confusion?

Business’ often get fixated about getting more and more likes on their Facebook page and then wonder why their Facebook campaigns are failing, they are missing out on a very important metric.

The likes on your page are indicative of a potential reach that the contents of the page have and it is indicative of the popularity that the page, in a personal way, they help you identify common interests with your Tinder dates.  That’s about it.

The metric that is more important is the likes comments and shares on the posts on the page. They tell us about how many people have interacted with the content we share and that is a better measure of brand salience.

Hence, in the case of page likes, bigger isn’t always better and it is quite possible to have a lower engagement rate and a larger audience. That is what Tania Yuki discussed in her article about measuring what matters. Like in all things of life, quality of the quantity matters.

But what sort of engagement are we looking for? Here is a simple guide to follow, broken down into its simplest form.

Now that we have a clue on what we should be measuring, here is what we need to identify before we even start.

1. Identify the Business Objectives – What is the plan?
2. Identify Goals for each Objective – How will we execute the plan?
3. Identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – What will we be measuring?
4. Identify the Targets – What will be our benchmark?
5. Identify valuable Segments for analysis – Who will we be analysing?

On an end note, the metrics tell a story, to successfully understand the metrics we need to decipher the story.

Now, As an example here are the statistics from my blog and the story behind them.

February to June 2016:  The visitors and views are at the peak. The cause: I quit my job and was preparing to come to Melbourne, to pass my spare time I was blogging, there was a lot of content and the activity did bring in some visitors.

July 2016 – July 2017: Low views, I moved to Melbourne and did not blog a lot, was busy with uni (let that be the story). The views were mainly because of the people I spoke to and told them about my blog.

August 2017: Blogging for the social media class and friends in the class viewing commenting and liking the blog, sincere thanks, continue the commenting on the blog and the blogs to come.

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