The Tale of Two Phones

While most of the world is at a standstill due to the horrible COVID-19 outbreak there are two companies still launching new products. One might feel that they are behaving like it’s business as usual but that is far from true.

The companies in question are Apple with their new iPhone SE and One Plus with their new 8/8 Pro phone series.

Whats fascinating about these launches is that One Plus a brand that started out making amazing phones at a competitive price and branding them as flagship killer phones has now made a proper flagship phone, with a flagship price tag without cutting any corners. While Apple the company the revolutionized the smartphone world and has always made Flagship phones, has now got their top notch chip-set to a mid-segment phone to make a flagship killer.

Source: Apple
Source: OnePlus

In a way, both these phones make a statement for these companies venturing into each others markets. The Flagship killer has made a Flagship and the Flagship made a Flagship killer, you know theoretically.

The price-points of these phones paints a different image. The iPhone, although $399 in the US, is priced at around Rs.42000 in India, pricey but still the best new-iPhone deal. The one plus has a reverse case, it is lower priced in India, the top end variant of the pro model is expected to be priced at around Rs.60,000 but it will be $899 in the US.

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