Handy Guide as Air Travel Resumes

Here are the general guidelines for the passengers will have to: Report to airport minimum two hours before the flight No cabin baggage would be allowed in the initial phase No food may be provided inflight to reduce contact Download Arogya Setu app Aarogya Setu app not mandatory for children below 14 years of age Passengers must compulsorily walk through thermal screening Maintain six feet … Continue reading Handy Guide as Air Travel Resumes

Google Reveals Most Searched Recipes in India During Lockdown

Google on Friday (8th May 2020) revealed that recipe-related searches hit a new record high in India during April as people stayed home and aimed to break the monotony in the kitchen trying to make something new. Searches for the internet fad ‘dalgona coffee recipe at home’ spiked 5,000 per cent, searches for ‘chicken momo recipe’ grew 4,350 per cent and with the heat levels … Continue reading Google Reveals Most Searched Recipes in India During Lockdown

Lockdown v3 – Everything to know!

On 14th April, when the lock down was extend for the second time an important point was made. Every area was going to be demarcated separately and classified as per the number of cases and number of new cases in that area as Red, Orange and Green zones. Zone List This demarcation would help in strategically resume economic activities and plan out way out of … Continue reading Lockdown v3 – Everything to know!

WhatsApp’s forwarding limits reduces viral messages by 70%

The spread of “highly forwarded” messages on WhatsApp has dropped by 70 percent as a result of the company’s new forwarding limits, TechCrunch reports. Measures were introduced at the beginning of April in response to the coronavirus-related misinformation from WhatsApp university. The change was that any message that’s been forwarded by five or more people can only be forwarded to a single person or group. … Continue reading WhatsApp’s forwarding limits reduces viral messages by 70%

I Came. I Saw. I Shared.

Viral. Probably the most abused term in advertising at least in my experience. Every marketing manager briefs their agency by saying that they want to make a viral campaign (but I have no budget for it.)

The client wants what the client wants. if he wants a viral campaign with a minimalistic budget, that is what the agency has to achieve for them. How do we do it?

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The Force is Real!!!

The force is a power that surrounds everyone, is present everywhere but can be wielded by a few to influence the greater majority. That is fiction, and arguably the closest real-world version of the force is social media. It surrounds everyone, but only a few truly command it and can influence people with it.

The question we need to ask ourselves, can a brand use the force as well as famous social media personalities?

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