It’s in my pocket

It is no news that we live in a digital age where if our gadgets aren’t synced, we ain’t fancy enough. Every one is a technocrat and our status in society has gone from how much cattle to how many gadgets and accessories, but boy this is so much more convenient than raising cattle :p

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Governing Comedy

Stand up comedy is at its best when it is related to the stupid happenings of everyday life. Just like any business communication, comedy too needs insights and really deep ones to be able to crack someone up. There is a lot of intelligence and knowledge that goes behind that ‘Just a Joke’ from a professional comic.

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The Great Indian Economic Divide

Yes, India is a country with a high economic gap between the rich and the poor. People feel very sorry for the poor and more often than not, it is justified(unfortunate souls). People envy the rich and quite a few times that is justified (bloody lucky brats).

However, have you ever stopped to consider the reason for this divide?

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Mumbai’s Meaty Affair

Everyone in Mumbai seems to be going crazy over the meat ban and making it a political/caste/religion issue. We do agree that the ban is unjust for those whose daily driver is the slaughter and sale of meat and it does curtail our right to freely choose our cuisine. But before you starting playing the hate game here are some things you need to know:-

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The Missile has Launched

APJ Abdul Kalamji, a simple man who rose from a newspaper boy to the president of India. A real inspiration. A man who didn’t get married because we wanted to SELFLESSLY give his life to the nation. The people’s president.  A man above religion. A true gods man who had a purpose to teach humanity. Who left us standing tall and teaching. A glimpse of this true great philosopher and teacher. He may be gone but, continues to live in the hearts millions.

Update: UN has declared Abdul Kalam’s Birthday (15th October) as ‘World Student’s Day’

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Battle against the Autowallas

Whenever the taxiwallas and autowallas refuse to take us or agree to take us but insist WITHOUT the metre in play, we generally tend to get angry and abusive, we curse them. Our agitation gets even higher when they take us for granted and go on strikes just to mess with our lives to get a bigger payday.

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The Mumbai Rains – Part 2

We were going to post this some time ago, but it rained too much to do anything on this list. Now that the weather is back to the level of aww *_*

Here goes:

Being Flippant’s Guide to the most Mumbaiya way of enjoying the Mumbai rains.

The Monsoon bucket list. Let’s see how many can you knock off this monsoon itself.

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The Mumbai Rains – Part 1

Mumbai is best visited during the monsoons. The city looks even more majestic, beautiful and clean. There are a lot of fun things to do in and around Mumbai during the monsoon. There is a certain romance in the air that makes everything seem christmas-y six months ahead of the actual date.

The Mumbai rains are also quite notorious, the floods of 2005 though a decade ago have not faded from our drains (so to say).

We will give you a list of the fun thing to do during this weather (In Part 2) but it is important that you read this list first, it’s for your own good.

10 things one should remember during Mumbai’s Monsoon:

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Today is mother’s day and I did not wish my mother.

Here’s why.

I really hate the fact that we need to keep aside a day in the year to celebrate our mother. For me, every day is Mother’s day. Why should I participate in a day created by corporates to drive sales to wish my mom and tell her that I love her. I tell her everyday, she does not become less important to me when ‘Mother’s day’ goes away.

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