What do you look for in a MBA?

On being flippant, we have stressed on the fact that education is very important. We have stated it many times, saying that it help future generations get smarter, opens their minds and above all, gets them flippant. Flippancy requires being well educated. So, setting the context of what is coming up, without using any writing cli-chè, previously we have written about early education and school education, now time for post grad.

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The Chalk Circle

We believe that sarcasm is the language of the superior intelligence. It is something that does not come easy, especially now when we are in the day and age of smartphones and dumb people. This is where our scare lies, if people start becoming dumber by the day, they won’t understand and appreciate sarcasm.

In order to make future generations smarter and flippant we are supporting an initiative called Chalk Circle.

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