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It’s a Colourful World

“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” – well I have not written a blog for a long time so just testing out the keyboard. Making sure it works. It does. Is this dragging a bit too much? It was just meant to be some sort of an icebreaker as there has not been a post in a while. Never mind, let’s just begin.

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What do you look for in a MBA?

On being flippant, we have stressed on the fact that education is very important. We have stated it many times, saying that it help future generations get smarter, opens their minds and above all, gets them flippant. Flippancy requires being well educated. So, setting the context of what is coming up, without using any writing cli-chè, previously we have written about early education and school education, now time for post grad.

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It’s in my pocket

It is no news that we live in a digital age where if our gadgets aren’t synced, we ain’t fancy enough. Every one is a technocrat and our status in society has gone from how much cattle to how many gadgets and accessories, but boy this is so much more convenient than raising cattle :p

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Governing Comedy

Stand up comedy is at its best when it is related to the stupid happenings of everyday life. Just like any business communication, comedy too needs insights and really deep ones to be able to crack someone up. There is a lot of intelligence and knowledge that goes behind that ‘Just a Joke’ from a professional comic.

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The Great Indian Economic Divide

Yes, India is a country with a high economic gap between the rich and the poor. People feel very sorry for the poor and more often than not, it is justified(unfortunate souls). People envy the rich and quite a few times that is justified (bloody lucky brats).

However, have you ever stopped to consider the reason for this divide?

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